Publication: 06 Feb 2017

The Bribery Act 2016
About The Book

The Bribery Act, 2016: The newly enacted law which applies to private entities came into force on 13th January, 2017 and provides for the prevention, investigation and punishment of bribery.The following are classified as offenses of bribery under the the Act:

  • Giving a bribe,
  • Receiving a bribe,
  • Bribery of foreign public officials and
  • Bribery of another person with the intention to obtain or retain business for the private entity; or advantage in the conduct of business by the private entity.

Public and private entities are required under the law to put in place procedures for the prevention of bribery and corruption, that are appropriate to its size, scale and to the nature of its operation. Failure to do this is considered an offence. Global Compact members are advised to familiarize themselves with the contents of the law.

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