Juliana Wanjiru

Juliana Wanjiru, General Manager - Marketing, Communications, and Innovation at Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Plc (KWFT) is passionate about research and development to inform the development of new products and services that help customers improve their livelihoods, dignity, save money and time. 

As part of the leadership team at KWFT, Juliana has led the Bank in developing and implementing a strategic plan that drives financial performance, social & environmental impact, customer experience, human capital optimization, and strategic partnerships for global goals. She has in turn championed the development of an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Framework for KWFT where the bank will be able to measure its sustainability impact as well as manage risks and opportunities that the shifting market presents.  

Juliana has been involved in championing various projects aimed at developing affordable and customized financial products to support the vulnerable in society. She has supported the design of an agribusiness portfolio for KWFT that enhances sustainable financing for improved food security, access to water for domestic use, and sanitation and hygiene at the household level. She has also led partnerships with different vendors to provide customers with clean, affordable and easy-to-install energy products, and efficient cooking solutions such as LPG and Biogas which are environmentally friendly. All these programmes target vulnerable groups within society with the aim of reducing inequalities and bridging economic gaps. 

Furthermore, she has led the integration of Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) in their business strategy through various initiatives that promote gender equality and women's economic empowerment in the workplace, marketplace, and community. She continues to use her position to promote organizational learning on sustainability for the greater good.  

Recognizing partnerships as key in delivering large-scale impact, Juliana oversees partnerships with developmental agencies, national and county governments, social investors, and suppliers to enhance synergies in the provision of practical and cost-friendly solutions for KWFT customers. 

To showcase and ascertain KWFT’s impact on the livelihoods of families and communities, Juliana has led various Social Impact studies and KWFT scored an A- from a recent MFR global rating agency on sustainable finance study done in 2023. 

KWFT joined the UN Global Compact in 2021, becoming the 1st Microfinance Bank in Kenya to join the corporate sustainability initiative.