Mary Wanja Thuo @marywthuo Mary W. Thuo

Mary Thuo is using the power of advocacy to promote decent work and economic growth through the Cycling to Work program. Her company, Cityscape Trends Limited is an SME based in Nairobi offering cleaning and maintenance services. 

As the CEO and Founder of Cityscape Trends Limited, Mary is an advocate for human rights, decent work and decent pay for marginalized groups in urban and peri-urban areas of Nairobi. She initiated the Cycling to Work program in a bid to enhance the socio-economic status of her employees and their families by providing better access to income, education and health. 

Altogether the program demonstrates how cycling to work has the power to deliver on the Global Goals.  

Mary’s journey, on the other hand, has not been without difficulties. After assessing the impact of the initiative, Mary discovered that Kenyan roads are prone to accidents due to careless driving, no consideration for persons with disabilities, lack of pedestrian paths and cycling lanes. She is now using her voice to advocate for better, safer and accessible cycling lanes and pedestrian paths that are inclusive of persons with disabilities in collaboration with the government, private sector and cycling partners in the marketplace. 

Cityscape Trends Limited has been a participating company in the United Nations Global Compact since October 2016.  

Mary is intent on extending the message of the importance of human rights throughout the business arena in Kenya.