20 Jun 2024

In a landmark move towards sustainable business practices, Britam has today unveiled its inaugural sustainability report for 2023, themed “Empowering a Sustainable Future. Together.” The event was graced by Global Compact Network Kenya Executive Director Judy Njino, who underscored the importance of sustainability in the corporate sector and lauded Britam for this significant step.

Britam joins a growing number of Kenyan companies prioritizing sustainability reporting, a practice that has become a business imperative. This sustainability report serves as a public commitment to Britam’s sustainability goals and a clear testament to its dedication to global goals.

In her remarks, Judy Njino highlighted the critical role private companies play in advancing sustainability thereby providing solutions to societal challenges. 

Ms. Njino emphasized the need for companies like Britam, which operates in seven countries across East, Central, and Southern Africa, to view Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the best business plan, challenging companies to seize the opportunity presented by this framework as it has the capability of helping companies in addressing global challenges through product innovations and other sustainable market driven solutions.

During the launch, a panel discussion titled “Future Trends and Innovations in Sustainability” was held. The panelists stressed the necessity of collective action, particularly in tackling climate change and inequality as outlined in SDG 16. 

Ms. Njino remarked that individual efforts though commendable, are not enough and that collective action is key, especially on issues like climate change and inequality which are still lagging.

Britam Group MD Tom Gitogo expressed that the sustainability report not only reflects the company’s achievements in 2023 but also outlines its aspirations for 2024 and beyond. He emphasized that business success should not be measured solely by profitability but also by its positive impact on society.

This commitment led Britam to join the United Nations Global Compact in 2022, pledging to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and report on their implementation. 

By adhering to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in the areas of Human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, the financial and life solutions sector, has a unique opportunity to act as a catalyst for sustainable development as it has the resources to address climate change, inequality, gender imbalance, and governance challenges, particularly in Africa.

To access Britam's Sustainability report click HERE