UN Forum on Business and Human Rights & Launch of the New UNGC Report
25-Nov-2019 - 27-Nov-2019
About The Event

The high-level United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights was held in Geneva from 25th to 27th November 2019. More than 2'000 participants attended the annual forum and addressed how the business sector can help advance sustainability practices. Along with that, a new report was published — "Navigating the Future of Business and Human Rights: Good Practice Examples" - addressing how companies can embed human rights into their corporate strategies and advance people-centred solutions to growing global challenges.

A large number of present companies and business organisations during these three days highlighted the growing importance of human rights due diligence in the private sector. The discussions showed the relevance of respecting basic human rights in business is and how often they still are violated.

The UNGC, the Global Compact Network Kenya and many other local networks co-organised the following session at the UN Forum for Business and Human Rights: Connecting corporate human rights due diligence and anti-corruption efforts.

Statement by Lise Kingo, CEO and Executive Director of the UN Global Compact
“In a rapidly-shifting world, human rights have proven to be a grounding force for leaders of all kinds. Business respect for human rights is about investing in your workforce: retaining good talent, promoting respect for diversity and ensuring workers’ rights are protected. Companies that respect human rights are sending a signal to consumers, investors and the public that they are a trustworthy brand and serious about sustainability.”

The Forum offered a unique opportunity to get insights and discuss practices for improvement. To bring the respect for human rights forward, the interaction between the UN, the states, NGOs and businesses, thereby, is crucial.

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The new report Navigating the Future of Business and Human Rights: Good Practice Examples published by the UN Global Compact presents snapshots of good practice from companies participating in the UN Global Compact. It also highlights insights by various Global Compact Local Networks, and showcases initiatives that are advancing seven major themes:
future of work, climate justice, effective remedy and grievance mechanisms, migrant rights, gender equality, due diligence and tackling working poverty.