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Value chain development by the private sector in Africa

This publication sheds light on current understanding, experiences and challenges around inclusive business approaches in Africa. Its specific focus is on the role and re- sponsibility of the private sector as regards value chain development in the sub-Saharan region. The following are the main learning objectives which this publication attempts to address:

  • Share key lessons learnt by focusing on factors that determine successful value chain development on the part of the private sector; conversely, highlight determinants that contribute to unsuccessful projects in this area;
  • Explore and highlight opportunities and challenges for the private sector concerning value chain development; and 
  • Capture experiences in ways that generate new insights and perspectives, and inspire innovation in inclusive business approaches and value chain development.

GCNK Case studies on Anti Bribery and Corruptions survey report

Bribery and corruption remains a constant threat to public trust and confidence in institutions and companies. In East Africa, bribery and corruption directly threatens growth, development and even the security of our people. Currently, there is a significant initiative from both the private and public sector to combat bribery and corruption. Although organizations do their best to formulate comprehensive and proactive strategies to manage the risk, they still need significant effort and commitment to ensure success in deterring bribery and corruption

Coporate Social Responsibility in sub-Saharan Africa

The objective was to identify and gain deeper insight into factors that promote or hinder success in CSR project management and delivery, and on the basis thereof to arrive at conclusions and recommendations about enabling instruments that will benefit, strengthen and expand CSR impact in the region. In this survey it was found that CSR concepts were for example enhanced through collaboration with Global Compact local networks, but that CSR in sub-Saharan Africa is still in its infancy. Social and environmental activities of individual companies remain scattered.